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LOGO Services

$39.99 standard rate for most one color art


Why You Need Our Logo Correction Services:

  • WE CORRECT THE BAD AND POOR ART you receive from your clients and hand-redraw it into vector camera-ready files. No more lost sales due to art issues!

  • SEND US A BAD FILE: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, PDF, PSD, Word Doc, Publisher, Web Graphic, Scan of a napkin, drawing, fax, etc.

  • RECEIVE TRUE VECTOR ART in Adobe Illustrator, EPS or CorelDraw plus PDF or JPEG proofing/viewing files.


PRODUCED IN TWO DAYS for $39.99 standard rate for most one color art. Rush service available.

Our Quality:

OUR HAND-REDRAWN ART IS SUPERIOR! Don't rely on competitors who use inaccurate tracing programs. Your clients, and your reputation, deserve the best!


Our Hand Re-Drawn Vector Art Is:

  • SCALABLE TO ANY SIZE: Our vector art is not limited to DPI.

  • CLEAR & SHARP: No more pixilated or blurry areas.

  • CRISP & CLEAN with lines and shapes that are smooth and defined.

Common problems that our experts can fix:

Logo Changes: 

  • Phone number, address, date, etc. 

  • Reduce from multi-color to a single color. 

  • New graphic or image needed. 

  • Change the size or configuration to better suit the owner's needs. 

  • Abused Logos: 

  • Low resolution, scanned, faxed, pixilated, photo-copied. 

  • Appears grainy or not clear when printed. 


Logos That Are Not In The Correct Or Required Format: 

  • Needs to be in a vector format, such as EPS. 

  • Requires a transparent background. 

  • Remove shaded areas (halftones/shading). 

  • Misplaced Or Lost Original Logo Files: 

  • We have successfully redrawn and created new art from photos of logo images taken from the side of a vehicle, a sign or a business card!

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