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Blue Orange Couture by ACS, LLC is creating tasteful and exciting that are not only accessible but timeless and feminine. Focusing mostly on cocktail and formal wear, we are designing with the discerning women of today in mind: strong, empowered, and budget-minded.


Having two designers create a line is not easy but our aesthetic differences bring a new dimension to our designs and our collaborative efforts responds to the needs of the ever self-creating woman of today. We know that one size does not fit all and in order to reach our intended market, we need break away from the constraints of commercial fashion designing and design with and for real women.


Our mission: To be among the top choices for made to order fashion in Atlanta; affordable but without compromising style and quality of construction.


Target Market: Women, 25 and over, who have a hard time finding clothes that fit and are open to invest some time in order to get clothes that fit their body, personality and sense of style. 


Our Style: A splash of eras long gone, a mix of bohemian chic and vintage, yet updated to reflect the character of the professional urban woman of today.

Zulay is a fashion designer from Venezuela with 20+ years in the field of fashion, design, and decor. She graduated from the Institute of Fashion Design in Valencia, Venezuela. She came to the US in 2012 and has been living here since. She owned her own fashion design line in Venezuela and worked very successfully there until she came to the US. In the U.S. she created her own Jewelry brand called Liberté Market Place. Although being a fashion designer, she have always been interested in everything related to design and decor. She is very creative and has a very unique way of designing to meet every client necessities.



A fashion designer by trade and a Public Health Professional by education, David has over 30 years of design experience. He has worked in wide range of design fields, a seasoned project manager and former US ARMY Chemical Officer with a skill for trouble shooting and looking at the big picture. A second season of Project Runway hopeful and a local contender for the first season of Fashion Star, David Ojeda has the experience and skills to make your vision a reality.





With over 20 years of experience and knowledge in draping, flat pattern making, sewing and designed, we can make a bridal dress to meet your needs.



Whether is for prom,Mother of the Bride, or Bride's Maid, why not having a dress that will fit you and you can wer oevr and over again?


Hotlanta is a well known party city and costumes and par for the game. We have made hundreds of costumes form Roman soldiers to sea horses. Th sky is the limit!


Some of my work was featured in the 1996 movie "Fled" and in season 2, episode 4 of "Devious Maids".

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