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"Thanks for all it went very well and the food was wonderful"-   Dominique Masseran


Event Dreamers

(Formerly Party Favour by ACS, LLC)


Event Dreamers is dedicated to help enhance your event experience. We are a team with over 10 years of experience in the field of event coordination, support, catering and baking. With a reliable network of waiters, bar tenders and suppliers, Event Dreamers has the resources necessary to bring affordable high quality products and services to you.


Our Mission: To offer custom quality event support services to fit and reflect our clients’ needs; a conglomerate of talents and a multitude of services for the lifestyle you love!


This company is the vision of a team of friends bringing a wide range of expertise and the know how to manage the demands of coordinating a project and managing resources. Their skill range from project management to Event Coordination, fashion design to crafts. This in an opportunity of bringing together creative talents in a way that helps fulfill the needs of others who can benefit from a little extra support in their event and party plans. 


Zulay Chacon

Zulay is a fashion designer from Venezuela with 20+ years in the field of fashion, design, and decor. She graduated from the Institute of Fashion Design in Valencia, Venezuela. She came to the US in 2012 and has been living here since. She owned her own fashion design line in Venezuela and worked very successfully there until she came to the US. In the U.S. she created her own Jewelry brand called Liberté Market Place. Although being a fashion designer, she have always been interested in everything related to design and decor. She is very creative and has a very unique way of designing to meet every client necessities.


Andrea Henriquez

Andrea is a professional in the field of International Business. She graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2012. She has great management skills and marketing interests. Andrea has always been interested in fashion and has a beautiful taste in design. Andrea will bring the young, optimal, and innovative features to the company combined with her great research, management, and logistics skills.


David Ojeda, MS

A fashion designer by trade David was an event coordination to one of the largest and most prominent event and catering companies here in Georgia. David has over 30 years of design and even support experience. He has worked in wide range of design fields, a seasoned project manager and former US ARMY Chemical Officer with a skill for trouble shooting and looking at the big picture.


Thays Urdaneta

Thays has a career in business administration with experience in finance for more than 15 years. After working in companies like Coca Cola and AT&T, she discovered a passion for developing her own family business. Thays has a great passion for design and a very good taste when it comes to decorating and implementing fashion. Her finance background plus her dream and passion for creating events offers Event Dreamers great design ideas with the best deal on the market.

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